Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Paper Bag Puppets – Free DIY Templates

Simplifying my blogs! Here's an old post I'm moving over from an old blog.

I needed to make simple attention-getting figures for an activity with a bunch of children so I hit on the idea of puppets. The puppets at retail stores cost more than I wanted to spend on a 20-minute activity, so I started looking at cheaper options. I decided on paper bag puppets, but then I couldn’t find any free templates of a grandfather, grandmother, dad, mom, boy, and girl … so I made my own!
You can download the template for free here:
– Es
P.S. Please comment if you would like for me to draw body parts to glue to the main part of the paper bag … I kept it simple and just drew the faces and the mouth part that glues underneath the bag flap.

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