Monday, February 22, 2016

Shoe too big? No problem.

I bought some gorgeous Anthropologie shoes that should have been $200 for about $30. They were a a store return, brand new, but they were also two sizes too big. No problem!

Since this shoe was angled and had buckles, all I had to do was use a leather belt punch and add another hole.

Leather strap that's just a tad too big to hold my heel where it belongs:

Leather strap with one new, extra hole so that I can cinch the shoe up nice and tight:

My indoor garden

I like having a little indoor garden, especially during the winter.
The plants on each end are about 14 years old now. The orchids are about a year old, but have actually bloomed three times – more than typical, at least in my experience.
Unfortunately, the orange flowers did not survive so I will give them another try this year.
These plants are all fairly low maintenance but really brighten up the room.