Friday, January 17, 2014

DIY Wire Ring and Other Wire Jewelry

Remember when button rings were making the rounds about seven years ago? Well, I made a bunch of them, and that got me into making wire jewelry in general. You can pick up the wire in craft stores, or most stores that have a craft section. I used  needle-nose pliers to make this adjustable wire ring earlier this fall. I think the design speaks for itself - just keep twisting that wire until you run out of wire. I probably started with 1.5 feet of wire ...

Here's the wire ring displayed next to a button ring I made a while ago for context: (thanks to my friend R.P. .. actually the first name is a nickname so K.P. ... for letting me borrow her lovely hand - mine look like they were attacked by tiny Piranhas thanks to this winter weather and my apparent inability to use hand lotion).

My inspiration for the ring was the trend I have seen on Pinterest (when I was looking for ideas for Girl's Camp craft activities) to make words with wire. I made the word "Happy" below. Someone gave me the star but I love that as well!

Lastly, here's a charm I created at my sister's request. She had seen something similar, wanted one, and mentioned to her friend that her sister (me) made stuff like this ... so her friend told me about it just in time for my sister's birthday. The pearls are real of course - no skimping on the treasured eggs! 

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