Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My DIY Skinny Belt

My DIY red, skinny belt to give this dress some pop.

Inspired by some paracord bracelets I taught my niece and nephew to make this summer: (Great tutorials on how to make paracord bracelets all over YouTube!)

I considered using the pattern I used to make paracord bracelets, but that would be difficult for a length much greater than a bracelet.

I also considered braiding three cords together but I liked the look of two, simple lines. This same pattern works great for a spunky necklace, etc. I wouldn't put a ton of weight on it, though, or expect it to hold up your pants, since one end is just melted together ... this is simply to give your outfits some pop in a fun, new way.

To make the belt you will need: paracord (twice the length of your waist), a small belt buckle (make sure your buckle has belt openings for each side), scissors, and a lighter.

1. Double the paracord, then wrap it around your waist to ascertain length. Cut the paracord, giving yourself a little extra cord to work with - maybe six inches.

2. Fold the cord in half.

3. Stuff the cord, at the fold, through one of the buckle openings. Pull the two ends through the opening until only a small bit  remains, which looks like a loop.

4. Draw the ends of the paracord through the loop. You should now have two even lengths of paracord hanging from one side of the buckle.

5.  Draw the two cut ends of the paracord through the loop. 

6. Now, melt the two ends together using the lighter. Simply hold the lighter up to the two ends at the same time, then when they start to melt, quickly hold the two pieces together. You do not want to melt the two ends until AFTER you draw them through the buckle or they will not fit through the opening in the buckle. You can use thick paper to wipe off some of the melted paracord. It should not look as bumpy as the picture below - this is was just so I could quickly take some photos for you :)

7. Tie off the second loop the same way you tied off the first loop by drawing the entire length through the loop you just created in the second buckle. 

8. Voila, skinny belt. Your belt should be longer than a pair of scissors. I just cut off a small length for demo purposes :)

Happy belt-making! 

If you try this yourself and you make it too big, just tie the belt in a knot in the center - still looks great but you've shortened the belt a bit.

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