Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fun with Kids – Paper Doll Chain

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Fun with Kids – Paper Doll Chain

I am planning out a fun activity with children and made some paper dolls in preparation. I know several cute children that are fascinated with cutting things – it would be fun to pre-fold the paper, draw an outline, and then let the child cut and decorate the doll. Of course, with children and scissors, you need to supervise them closely, both for their safety, and so that they don’t accidentally cut through the arms that are holding the doll together!

How to Make a Paper Doll
1. Take a sheet of paper, and fold it back and forth, accordion-style, making about four or five folds in the paper.
2. Once your paper is folded, draw your “doll” on it, making sure the arms go to the ends of its fold.
3. Cut your doll out, making sure to cut the arms out to the edge of the paper. That’s it! You’re done. Unfold to see your results.

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