Sunday, November 15, 2015

Felt flowers for hair and wrists

I'm simplifying!

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I made felt flowers for my nieces last year. They loved them, especially the three-year-old. Her mom told me she would find her headband and put it on while she was playing.

I made various sizes and sewed them to thin strips of elastic so that the girls (who are young) could slip the headbands onto their hair or wear them around their wrists. I also slid some of them onto alligator clips so I could clip them straight into hair.

Someone gave me a present from Anthropologie one year that had little green, round, felt circles attached to a ribbon on the outside of the box  I saved those felt circles, and used them as part of these felt flowers.
These felt flowers are all based on a design by Kelly Crawford from so it’s not my pattern to share.

However, you can find some of her felt flower tutorials here and here.

However, the design is fairly intuitive, and I have seen a lot of other versions at the craft store since I first found Kelly's designs. You can fold them in third and make a more tulip-style flower, for instance.

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